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Storage system for public and school libraries

Oct 16, 2020 | Commercial

What better way to find your books, work documents, or even to listen to your favorite CDs and DVDs than in a library full of colors and textures? That’s what we offer with our storage systems for public and school libraries.

That’s just what we offer with our range of Aetnastak® fixed and mobile shelving units.. Elegantly designed, the configurable fixed shelving system for bookcases Aetnastak® is designed primarily for libraries and documentation centers. With its flexibility and sturdiness, this type of configurable fixed shelving ensures the preservation and longevity of books, while its rounded-edge frame enhances fixity and eliminates sharp edges. Reconfigurable, extendable and relocatable to suit your needs, it offers a wider range of accessories and practical features than any other cantilever shelving system. What’s more, this type of configurable fixed shelving provides the flexibility, strength and rigidity needed to protect books and ensure their longevity. Its ability to evolve with the rotation of your collections, the protection of your books and documents, harmonious integration into your library and user safety. Being a fixed rack, Aetnastak® can be installed on the carts of some mobile shelving systems as the Mobilex or SafeAisle, to optimize your storage space and give you unlimited possibilities. The configurable fixed shelvingAetnastak® system is used by renowned establishments, who employ our storage system for crucial tasks such as storing rare, fragile and valuable books. Our expertise will enable you to adapt your environment to the latest trends with style and always according to your needs. And why not stand out a little, by adding laminate panels – we have a wide range of colors, each more beautiful than the next – or add your choice of appliqués, such as inspirational words, proverbs or quotations.

Configurable shelving and storage system for Hybria libraries

The configurable storage and shelving system for Hybria® libraries combines the elegance of Aetnastak fixed shelving with the efficiency of SmartShelf conventional shelving. The best of both worlds! The Hybria storage system is an additional alternative for the fitting out of libraries and documentation centers. With its innovative design featuring great configuration flexibility, Hybria 4-post shelving provides enhanced storage capacity with a harmonious appearance and distinctive features designed for mobile or fixed applications.

Our storage systems for public and school libraries undeniable advantages for organizing your library well:

  • The flexibility to place items, large and small, in the same unit, and to adjust the distance between shelves to facilitate the storage of objects of varying heights.
  • Versatile, the system can be mounted on our mobile carts to meet your changing needs
  • An elegant solution for your library, business or homee

The Hybria Curve shelving system for books and periodicals

The Hybria Curve shelf storage system is a derivative of the Hybria Curve shelf. Hybria. With its circular shape, this shelving system lets you create spaces for collaboration, study or reading. With the addition of a wheel system, the Hybria Curve storage system will bring unprecedented mobility and flexibility to your layout, while its unique configuration with single or double access will showcase your books and documents in an attractive and accessible way. You no longer have to choose between aesthetics and efficiency. With Hybria Curve, you get both. Designed for open spaces, Hybria Curve offers cutting-edge shelving with its flexibility and versatility, encouraging development, communication, discussions and gatherings.

Storage cabinet for periodicals (BREP)

With its five tilting shelves, the periodical storage cabinet will be an added asset to your layout. You’ll be able to display magazines, newspapers or brochures that need highlighting on its front, and store subsequent issues or surplus brochures on the inner shelf. This elegant, freestanding storage system complements the other systems available in our storage ranges while attractively displaying your periodicals and other documents. A periodical storage cabinet compact and thoughtful, with a neat and tidy look, and easy search for your users : what more could you ask for?

Storage and handling carts for libraries

This storage and handling trolley will meet your transportation needs to move loads ranging from light to heavy, and save you from unnecessary injury. First of all, when it comes to moving books, reference works and catalogs around offices and libraries, this storage and handling&nbsp>trolley is the ideal solution  is so flexible and versatile that it can be used in any environment, from medical equipment to indoor cultivation. With this mobile and robust cart, you’ll increase your productivity while keeping your organization efficient and functional.

Storage system for educational libraries

Because we know that education is important for young and old alike, why not make their learning environment a pleasant, friendly, safe and practical space. Our fixed or mobile shelving and storage system Aetnastak®.evolves as you do! It’s no longer enough to simply store your books; all the components you need to progress are included, like digital tablets, educational game boxes and all the other components that bring life to your days! Would you like a reading or study area without creating an enclosed space? We have the solution with Hybria curve shelving.. These give you the freedom to define your spaces without losing sight of what’s essential: the comfort and safety of your users. And just because we’re talking about book storage doesn’t mean we can’t have access to an electric mobile shelving system such as SafeAisle. For a busy consultation area, our state-of-the-art electric storage system will maximize your space while keeping it safe for users and staff. 

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