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The healthcare sector is one of the most important industries in any society. It is responsible for ensuring that people have access to quality care and treatment.

To do this, the sector needs a well-functioning infrastructure, including storage shelves for pharmaceutical supplies.

Pharmacy storage shelves play a crucial role in ensuring that medicines and other medical supplies are properly organized and easily accessible.

They contribute to the smooth running and efficiency of pharmacies, and can be a lifeline in emergency situations.

At SOMR Group, we firmly believe that a storage system tailored to our profession maximizes performance, and the healthcare sector is no exception.


Whether it’s storing patient files or medication, optimal storage saves time and allows you to care for more patients.

So whether it’s for a medical clinic, dentist’s office or hospital, you can count on SmartShelf shelving, at Quadral fixed or mobile manual shelving storage system for the smallest of spaces.

We can also offer you mobile carts that will help you maximize your movements and transport your belongings without too much effort. For larger work surfaces, our systems fit with SmartSpace and Mobilex fixed or mobile shelving storage systems.

Why is tidying up important in the healthcare sector?

In the healthcare sector, pharmacy storage shelves are a key element in keeping medications or medical records organized and easily accessible.

By storing medicines on shelves, pharmacists can ensure that they are able to quickly and easily find the one they need when a patient requests it.

In addition, pharmacy storage shelves can help prevent medication errors by making it easy to see when a prescription has run out or expired.

Hospitals and pharmacies are two places that need to take special care when it comes to medication storage.

The majority of medicines need to be stored at a certain temperature to remain potent and effective. Most pharmacy storage areas are air-conditioned to ensure that medicines are kept at the right temperature.

In addition, pharmacy storage areas are usually equipped with shelves designed to keep medication vials organized and easily accessible.

Hospitals also have special storage areas for medication, although storage conditions in hospitals may vary depending on the type of medication stored.

Some medications, such as those used to treat cancer, should be stored in refrigerators, while others should be kept in dark, cool rooms.

Wherever they are stored, all medicines must be clearly labeled and securely locked away to prevent unauthorized access.

In short, pharmacy storage shelves play an essential role in the healthcare sector by helping to keep medicines organized and at the right temperature.


How to improve your medical or prescription document storage space

When it comes to storage shelving, there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure you choose the right option for your healthcare facility :

  • Consider the weight capacity of the storage shelf. This is particularly important if you plan to store heavier items on the shelf.
  • Take into account the type of products that will be stored there. For example, delicate items or those requiring special handling should be stored on shelves specially designed for them.
  • Make sure the storage shelf is easy to clean and disinfect. This is important to maintain a clean and sanitary environment.
  • Consider the size of the storage shelf. This is important to ensure it fits the space you have available. A shelf that’s too small can lead to clutter and wasted space, while one that’s too large can make it difficult to access necessary items.
  • Make sure the storage shelf is durable and sturdy. This is important to ensure it will last a long time.
  • Consider the overall appearance of the storage shelf. If it’s going to be visible to others, look for a storage shelf with a neat, tidy appearance.

EWith these elements in mind, you can be sure to choose the right storage shelf for your healthcare facility.

How to store medicines in a pharmacy or hospital

There are strict regulations on how medicines must be stored in a pharmacy or hospital. This ensures that medicines remain effective and safe. 🩺

All medicines must be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. They should also be kept away from sources of heat, such as radiators, and out of the reach of children.

In a pharmacy, prescriptions are usually stored in locked cabinets or boxes. 💊

In a hospital, they may be stored in special secure rooms or areas. Some medicines need to be refrigerated, so they will be kept in a fridge.

On the technical side, in a pharmacy, prescriptions are stored on shelves according to their classification. The most commonly used drugs are kept on the storage shelf so that pharmacists can access them easily.

Other drugs are shelved according to their therapeutic use. For example, all antacids are shelved together, all antibiotics are shelved together, and all antipyretics are shelved together.

This organization makes it easier for pharmacists to find the right drug when a patient presents with a prescription.

In a hospital, drugs are also organized according to their classification. But they’re also organized according to how they’re used.

For example, all drugs for heart patients are stored together, all drugs for cancer patients are stored together, and all drugs for surgery patients are stored together.

This organization makes it easier for nurses and doctors to find the right medication when they need it.

What are the important things to keep in mind when choosing a storage shelf for the healthcare sector?

It’s always important to keep important documents, such as medical records and prescriptions, organized and secure, but finding the storage space to do so can be a challenge.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your storage space for medical documents or prescriptions, one option is to install a storage shelf. A storage shelf is an ideal solution for organizing and protecting your documents.

Storage shelves offer an extra level of storage in a room and can be used to store items such as medical supplies, prescription drugs or even paperwork.

By keeping them off the floor and away from employee traffic areas, you can minimize the risk of them being damaged or lost. What’s more, a storage shelf can help you better organize your documents, so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

If you’re concerned about space constraints, you can even buy storage shelves designed to fit small spaces.

By taking the time to improve your storage space, you can make storing your medical documents or prescriptions more efficient and easier to manage.

The SOMR Group’s storage systems for the healthcare sector

If you are looking for shelving for your hospital, pharmacy, dentist’s office or clinic, Rangement Prisma offers several solutions:

The SOMR Group team works with you from project conception to implementation.

The company’s experts offer you appropriate storage and warehousing solutions through a rigorous analysis of your needs.



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