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The secrets of efficient cold storage 🌬️

Sep 22, 2023 | Commercial

Let’s dive into the icy world of cold rooms! ❄️ 

Although these spaces are essential for preserving product freshness, they present unique challenges in terms of storage and organization. 

Between the impeccable preservation of perishable products and the need to optimize every square inch, the challenge is colossal!  

Hold on tight, as we will present you with the best solutions on the market and guide you toward a cool, efficient, and innovative organization! 


The Challenges of Cold Room Storage


Cold rooms are essential for preserving perishable products, but they come with challenges. 🥶 

Goods degradation can be costly. 

Moreover, striking a balance between optimal space utilization and easy access is a real puzzle. 

We’ll decipher all of this in detail 👇

cold room storage


Preservation of Perishable Products and Potential Financial Losses


Preserving perishable products is a major concern for many industries, whether it’s the food industry, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics. 

These products, sensitive to temperature variations, require a stable environment to ensure their freshness and effectiveness. ❄️

However, any failure in the storage system can lead to rapid deterioration. 

Imagine a food product exposed to slightly higher than normal temperatures. 

Not only does its shelf life decrease, but its nutritional value can also be compromised. 

In the pharmaceutical sector, poor storage can render a medication ineffective or even dangerous. 💊

The financial consequences of such losses are immense. 

This not only represents the loss of the initial investment in the products themselves but also the costs associated with their replacement, not to mention the potential impact on the company’s reputation. 💸

To avoid these disastrous financial losses, it is essential to choose suitable storage solutions that ensure optimal preservation of perishable products. 


Striking the Balance Between Maximizing Storage Space and Ensuring Easy Access


Maximizing storage space while ensuring easy access to products is a complex challenge for many businesses. 📦

Space is often a limited resource, especially in urban areas where the cost per square meter is high. 

Therefore, every inch of storage counts and must be used wisely.

On the other hand, an overcrowded warehouse or cold room can significantly slow down operations. 

Imagine having to navigate through a maze of shelves to find a specific product or wasting precious time moving pallets to access an item at the back. 🔄

This challenge is even more pronounced in cold rooms. 

With the need to maintain a constant temperature, it is imperative to avoid obstructing the circulation of cold air with disorganized storage. 

The solution lies in implementing intelligent shelving and storage systems. 

The idea is to combine maximum storage capacity with clear aisles and well-planned access areas, allowing employees to locate and retrieve products quickly and without obstruction. 🗂️


The Different Options Offered by the SOMR Group


Navigating the world of storage solutions can be a real headache. 🤔 

Every company has its own requirements and needs, especially when it comes to cold rooms. 

Fortunately, the SOMR Group is here to light your way. 

Thanks to many years of expertise and innovation, SOMR offers a diversified range of storage options designed to meet the specific challenges of cold rooms. 

Whether you need a flexible system for frequent inventory changes or a robust solution for heavy products, SOMR has the solution you need. 🛠️


SmartShelf® Industrial and Commercial Shelf Storage System


Ah, storage! 

If the cold room is the stage, then the SmartShelf® system is the undisputed star. 

Designed for the demanding needs of industries and businesses, this shelving system goes beyond mere preservation.

Not only is it a master of ingenuity with its four-post hybrid system, but it is also versatile in the face of cold challenges.

Its unique combination of hook and bracket hanging makes it adaptable to all variations of cold room needs. 

Need to reorganize? 

SmartShelf® is on the case! 🔄 

Its versatility multiplies when combined with mobile storage systems like Smartspace or Mobilex, ensuring optimal use of every square inch, even in freezing temperatures.

Whether you are storing food products, medical samples, beverages, or any other cold-sensitive items, SmartShelf® is your ideal companion. 📦


cold room storage


Montel IceRack Shelving


In the chilly world of cold rooms, every corner matters. 

What if we told you there’s an unsung hero that shines in this icy universe? 🌟 

Meet Montel IceRack shelves. 

Designed to meet low-temperature requirements, these shelves are like superheroes of cold storage.

With a galvanized steel structure, they withstand the cold while preventing condensation – a real plus for keeping your products in top shape! 

But that’s not all. 

The magic lies in their adaptability. 

Need fixed shelves today but mobile ones tomorrow? 

Montel IceRack answers the call, ready to transform according to your needs.

But wait, there’s more! 

Their innovative design allows for optimal ventilation, ensuring that each product breathes well, even when tucked away in the depths of the cold room.

If you’re looking to combine performance and innovation, look no further. 


The cold room, more than just a storage space, is a true ecosystem where each element must coexist harmoniously to ensure the quality of stored products. 🍃 

Thanks to the systems offered by the SOMR Group and suitable storage solutions like the SmartShelf® system and Montel IceRack shelves, tackling the challenges of cold room storage becomes not only possible but also elegant and efficient! 

Now it’s up to you to transform your cold room into an oasis of organization, preservation, and productivity. 🙌

Rest assured, with the right solutions at hand, the cold will never seem so warm! 

Contact our team now. 📱

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