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SafeAisle® electric mobile storage shelves

SafeAisle® high-density electric mobile storage shelves have redefined safety standards in the field. With its aisle recognition system Aisle LED Guard Technology    , it ensures optimal user entry and exit. The integrated protection and detection device prevents the carriage from moving if a human or object presence is detected. The SafeAisle® mobile storage shelves  will be fully immobilized, preventing users from getting trapped or injured. What's more, even small items will be protected from damage, preventing breakage to the system. Just like the Mobilex, its cart can accommodate most of the storage systems in our range of fixed storage, giving you the flexibility to customize your shelving, while maximizing your storage capacity. The storage possibilities are endless: archives and office supplies, artifacts, legal files and documents, sports equipment, film cans, video recordings, medical documents, tools and parts, and much more. Maximizing versatility and functionality, the system  of mobile storage shelves electric SafeAisle® is the ideal high-density mobile storage system for optimizing high-traffic areas accessible to the general public, such as in certain institutional or commercial establishments.

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