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BULK&ROLL mechanically assisted mobile storage system for light loads

Montel's BULK&ROLL mobile system has been developed for general purpose low to medium capacity storage of bulky items. Its lightweight, simple and rust-resistant design makes it easy to install, operate and maintain.

This system is ideal for a multitude of applications, such as retail stores, backrooms, baggage handling, warehouses, hardware stores and other bulky goods storage.

Immediate benefits:

  • Designed to increase efficiency and productivity by optimizing your storage space.
  • Free yourself from the cost of buying, building or renting additional storage space.
  • A safe investment that generates high returns.
  • An ecological solution, since it contributes to the creation of a more sustainable workspace by reducing your warehouse's energy consumption and its impact on the environment.


Step 1

Download the brochure in PDF format free of charge



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