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Maximize your space with a mezzanine in your car garage 🚘

Jul 31, 2023 | Commercial

Hello everyone, and welcome to our blog dedicated to the fascinating world of automotive garage mezzanines!  In this article, we will cover various aspects related to this ingenious layout solution. 💡 The garage mezzanine is truly fantastic for those of you who want to optimize the space in their garage while benefiting from practical additional storage space.  We will also explore the numerous possibilities for mezzanine layouts, highlighting the advantages of the modular mezzanines from the SomR Group.  So, come discover how to transform your garage with our tips and tricks available here! 👇  

The Importance of Having a Mezzanine in Your Garage for Space Optimization

  Many garage owners scratch their heads wondering how to create space in their garage.  Because we can agree that a garage can quickly become a real mess with all sorts of things piled up everywhere! 🛞 It’s exactly in these cases that a SomR mezzanine can quickly become the ideal solution to finally have a well-organized space.   ✅ What makes garages with mezzanines extremely practical is their ability to beautifully utilize the available vertical space.   ✅ Not to mention the fact that our mezzanines are designed to fit all existing spaces, whether it’s a restricted storage area or a specific ceiling height. By installing this famous intermediate platform, you double, even triple, your usable area without encroaching on the floor space.  Result: many more storage possibilities while maintaining clear pathways! 🎉   ✅ And let’s talk about the organizational aspect candidly.  Thanks to this additional floor offered by the mezzanine, you can categorize your items based on their frequency of use or importance.  For example, all frequently used tools will remain accessible on the first floor, while less used ones can be stored at a height.  Honestly, there’s nothing better than feeling at peace seeing your space clean and tidy like never before! ✨ No more wasted hours searching for each item, now everything is accessible from its designated place.   ✅ And don’t overlook its durable and secure aspect either! SOMR mezzanines are made from high-quality materials, ensuring their long-term durability. Moreover, special attention is given to safety by incorporating elements such as guardrails, sturdy stairs, and strict standards in their design.   In the end, adding a mezzanine to your garage can be an excellent choice that will allow you to gain space and organization.  Imagine how this could simplify your daily life by making access to objects that were sometimes hidden for too long much easier. 🙌 garage mezzanine  

Key Steps for Setting Up a Mezzanine in a Garage

  Well, the idea of setting up a mezzanine in a garage is becoming more and more attractive!  This not only optimizes the available space but also creates an additional room for your garage.  So, let’s discuss the essential steps to follow to succeed in this beautiful project.   1️⃣ It all starts with clearly defining the purpose you want to give to this new added surface.  Is it primarily for storage?  Or perhaps you’re considering creating an office filled with files?  Depending on your specific needs and personal vision, you’ll need to adapt the design and chosen materials.   2️⃣ Next comes the crucial moment: taking all the necessary measurements carefully to calculate the ideal size of your future mezzanine.   3️⃣ Now that you have all this information at hand, let’s move on to the concrete construction process.  This is the time when you call upon our team of experts who will provide you with the best advice.   4️⃣ Finally, don’t forget to plan adequate lighting for this new space.  Plan direct light sources, such as recessed spots or pendant lights, as well as indirect lighting, such as floor lamps or LED strings, to create a pleasant and functional atmosphere. And there you have it! You now have the main steps to follow to successfully set up a mezzanine in a garage.  Once again, don’t hesitate to reach out to the SomR Group, especially to fully enjoy the process and realize your vision of a unique and personalized space! 📱  

Tips and Advice for Organizing Storage Space on the Mezzanine

  Now here are our best tips for optimizing the space on your mezzanine!    1️⃣ First of all, let’s think about the different storage options you want to have on your mezzanine.  There are so many choices: wall shelves, cabinets, lockers, etc.    2️⃣ Then, consider the ideal placement of your storage units.  Try to place them near the walls to optimize the use of floor space without encroaching on the outer edges.  And don’t forget the corners!  They truly allow for better space utilization while taking up less room.  You can also add a few hooks here and there – they’re super useful for hanging certain objects that need to stay hung up!   3️⃣ Another useful tip is to do some selective sorting before even starting the project of organizing your mezzanine space.  This will contribute to gaining even more space by eliminating unnecessary items.  Subsequently, it will be easier to categorize your items (tools, tires, parts, etc.), which will greatly facilitate your future searches.   4️⃣ Lastly, let your organizational talent shine.  No success is possible if you don’t maintain a good sense of order in all the nooks and crannies of your mezzanine.  So take the time to organize everything well, don’t hesitate to rearrange things if you find that it would optimize the space even more.   And there you have it!  By following these wise tips, we’re convinced that your mezzanine will be perfectly optimized, with every square centimeter used wisely. 👌 garage mezzanine  

Modular Mezzanines: Different Types and Advantages

  ✔️ Column-supported Mezzanine: This type of mezzanine uses vertical columns to support the metal structure.  It offers great flexibility in terms of configuration, as the columns can be placed as needed.  This also allows for easy adaptation to existing space constraints.  Column-supported mezzanines are ideal for warehouses, factories, and large commercial spaces.   ✔️ Beam-supported Mezzanine: In this type of mezzanine, metal beams are used to support the structure without requiring vertical columns.  This allows for greater freedom of movement and storage beneath the mezzanine, making it a popular choice for distribution facilities, logistics centers, and commercial spaces.   ✔️ Open Grating Mezzanine: This type of mezzanine uses a metal open grating floor, allowing light, air, and fluids to flow through the structure.  This can be advantageous in environments where ventilation and natural lighting are important, such as warehouses, showrooms, and workshops.   ✔️ Solid Deck Mezzanine: In this type of mezzanine, a solid metal deck floor is used, providing a sturdy and durable surface for storage activities or the creation of additional office space.  Solid deck mezzanines are suitable for industrial, commercial, and office applications.  

How to Choose the Ideal Mezzanine Structure for Your Garage

  But how do you know which mezzanine structure would be perfect for your garage?  Here are some tips. 📚   ✔️ First and foremost, it’s important to consider the size of your garage as well as its height.  Check if there’s enough space to install the mezzanine without obstructing movement or daily activities in the garage.  Ask yourself questions like:  Is it possible to park a car under the new structure?  Will I have enough space to move around easily with tools?   ✔️ Next, it’s time to choose the materials used to build this famous structure.  Metal structures are often preferred for garages as they are strong and resilient to support your parts and tires. This choice will mainly depend on your personal preferences and may be influenced by your budget for the project.   ✔️ It’s also important to think about the purpose you want to achieve with your future installation.  Will it primarily be for storage, or are you considering using this additional space as a workshop or even an office filled with files for your dealership?  This consideration will influence the necessary dimensions and required load capacity based on the intended use.   ✔️ Don’t forget to consider the safety standards applicable to the construction, especially if you’ll be accessing it regularly to bring down larger parts.  Make sure to have a solid and appropriate railing, as well as easy access stairs or a ladder!   ✔️ Finally, don’t hesitate to seek the help of our professionals.  We can help you find the ideal structure and even take care of the installation.  Our expertise will also allow us to better tailor the solution to your personal needs.   By following these practical tips, you’ll ultimately find the perfect mezzanine for your garage!  Now you can store your tools and materials in a more organized manner while enjoying a pleasant space to work in peace.   garage mezzanine   So, what are you waiting for? 😉 It’s more than time to bring your projects to life and reorganize your garage!  By choosing the SomR Group, you’re selecting a competent and professional partner who is here to make all your projects possible.  Contact us now via phone or on our website to start the discussion! 📱 Toll-free: 1 877-908-9343 or visit us at

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