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The advantages of the library shelving system 📚

Aug 30, 2023 | School, Uncategorized

Entering a library can seem very impressive at first glance! Indeed, whether large or small, a library contains numerous books, newspapers and even DVDs covering a panoply of subjects!

Several questions have probably already crossed your mind:

👉 How is it possible to maintain a certain order among this panoply of works?

👉 How is it possible to find one’s way among these various books & journals?

If this is the case, it’s perfectly normal, since these are the two questions most frequently asked by users!

Don’t worry, at SOMR Group we have the explanation and the solution for you: library shelving! 💡

The library shelving system offers countless benefits to librarians, students, users and the community as a whole.

We can make your library the place to be!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of implementing a library shelving system that will suit all types of library service and your changing needs!


What is a shelving system? 🤔


Shelving is one of the most practical and versatile organizational tools for the workplace.

This type of storage unit has become a staple for storing items in a safe, orderly and space-saving way.

Without them, our spaces would be cluttered with all kinds of objects. 😮

Usually made from metal or other durable materials, shelving can be custom-made to fit almost any available space;

With adjustable heights and a variety of widths and lengths, there’s sure to be a shelf to suit everyone’s needs;

Not least because of their flexibility and ease of installation, shelving is one of the best organization systems you can buy to keep your business tidy and organized. Our specialists will listen to your needs, and custom-design your plans according to the space available on your premises.


What types of shelving systems are there?


As mentioned above, shelving is a highly malleable system!

Mainly because shelves can be used for a variety of purposes: from storage to display;

Indeed, we can think of shelves for books or even decorative wall shelves, so there are many types of shelves that can meet all your needs. 📖

Adjustable systems, whether mobile or fixed, feature customizable components that give homeowners maximum flexibility to create the perfect storage solution for their needs.

Our shelving types work together to give functionality to a space while adding aesthetic appeal.

Whatever type of shelf you need, there’s an option to suit your styles and needs! 😋

That’s why we put our expertise to work to give you the best possible advice for your storage systems.

Whatever the size of your shelves or where you intend to place them, it’s essential to measure and plan ahead to ensure that your library shelves are optimally spaced for comfortable, efficient reading or research.

bibliothèque rangement


The benefits of a library shelving system for book classification! 📖


Now that you’ve understood the principle of public or school library shelving, you’ll be able to understand why it’s so useful and necessary for classifying the books in your library!

In fact, the right arrangement of books on a library shelf can make sorting much more efficient and user service more effective. 🥳

What’s more, proper storage of books in library shelving ensures longevity and preservation for years to come;


How to organize a library shelving system?


Organizing shelving for library can be a daunting task at first glance. 😰

However, with a few simple guidelines and the help of our specialists, this task can be much easier than expected;

Start by deciding on the type of filing system best suited to your library. Once you’ve decided on a method of organization, it’s time to start shelving the books;

Take small sections of similar books at a time and group them into similar sections.  It’s important to put books back in their original place after use so that everything stays organized for future readers. 

Finally, make sure that the spine labels of each book are visible and that all the books are in their proper place;

With a little patience and effort, organizing the library shelves doesn’t have to be a chore, but rather child’s play! 🎉

To keep a library organized, the shelving process must be methodical and thorough;

Being disorganized can soon become an orderly oasis of literature! 😉


Why make things complicated when you can make them simple?


Contact us to optimize your space! We specialize in custom-designed, configurable mobile and fixed shelving! 🙌🏻

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