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Industrial shelving: how do you move it? 📦

Mar 23, 2023 | Advice

Moving a warehouse, a workshop or a library is a worrying and exhausting event for many reasons.

Make it easy for yourself : call on our experts to relocate your storage systems and industrial shelving. Did you know that in addition to its expertise in the sale and installation of storage systems, Groupe SOMR also specializes in the relocation of your fixed or mobile industrial shelving or storage systems? 🚚 In fact, you can count on a team of meticulous professionals with nearly 20 years’ experience in the fixed or mobile storage systems industry to dismantle, move and reinstall your systems and their contents in the safest way possible. At SOMR Group, customer satisfaction is our primary concern, and we do our utmost to ensure that your projects come to fruition at your convenience. 🙌 During a move, our aim is to minimize your worries and orchestrate a harmonious relocation of your industrial shelving with the utmost respect for your storage systems. To achieve this, we rely on a complete team of consultants, designers, engineers, project managers, installers, service technicians and, if required, certified movers for your other goods. We’re dynamic and innovative, ready to work with you from the very beginning of your project. Whether you start with plans and specifications or from scratch, our fixed or mobile shelving systems removal professionals know how to establish a lasting climate of partnership and trust from the very first exchanges.

The dangers of moving industrial shelving yourself

Moving industrial shelving may seem like a simple task, but it can be more dangerous than expected Industrial shelving can be very heavy and difficult to move, and if not moved correctly can cause serious injury. Shelves can also be damaged when moved incorrectly, causing damage to stored products. In addition, poorly secured or poorly assembled shelves can be unstable and may collapse under the weight of the products, endangering workers. It is therefore advisable to call in professionals to move industrial shelving to ensure the safety of workers and products. 🤓

Our team is at your disposal at every stage of the moving project, from design to after-sales service :

  • Initial meeting and information gathering
  • Needs analysis
  • Developing filing and storage methods
  • Presentation of fixed and mobile shelving solutions (plans, estimates and tender specifications)
  • Comparative analysis of the current situation
  • Adding and/or modifying equipment

In addition to this comprehensive support, we take care of the boxing of your files, books, etc., as required, and offer a recovery service for your existing equipment, whether fixed shelving or a complete mobile storage system of any brand. Entrusting the removal and installation of your industrial shelving or fixed or mobile storage systems to our team also guarantees that your storage system will function properly following its move, and avoids the breakage or loss of parts that can occur during transport and the additional costs that follow. 🚚 And while you’re dismantling your entire storage or industrial shelving system, take the opportunity to carry out some maintenance! Contact us for a quote  our technician will carefully examine each part for signs of breakage and make any necessary recommendations. Groupe SOMR has a long list of achievements to its credit in various fields – libraries, educational institutions and education, from health, industrial, government and municipal, etc., and a team of dedicated professionals with a proven track record. So don’t be overwhelmed by the countless details and worries that can come with moving your industrial shelving or fixed or mobile storage systems: instead, trust the experts Chez Groupe SOMR to help you make your project a reality.

Don’t hesitate to contact our refitting specialists. 🙌1 877 908-9343

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