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Indoor plant cultivation: the future of Quebec✨

Sep 28, 2023 | Vertical Culture

Indoor farming is certainly the future of Quebec, and at Groupe SOMR, we consider it a priority.🍐🍒


✨Indoor farming, which takes place inside, has numerous advantages. It allows the cultivation of plants throughout the year, regardless of external weather conditions. This means we can produce fresh and healthy food year-round, independent of seasons.


✨Additionally, indoor farming uses less water than traditional outdoor agriculture. Through modern irrigation systems and precise humidity control, we can minimize water wastage and cultivate more sustainably.


✨Control over the indoor environment also reduces reliance on pesticides. By managing growth conditions, we can prevent insect infestations and diseases, significantly reducing the need for harmful chemicals.


✨In terms of economic opportunities, indoor farming offers many possibilities. It creates local jobs, encourages technological innovation, and can help reduce our dependence on food imports. Moreover, it enables the cultivation of exotic plants not suited to Quebec’s climate, opening new prospects for local producers.


✨In a context of growing concern for the environment and health, indoor farming is a promising solution. It allows for more sustainable food cultivation, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation and minimizing chemical usage.


✨At Groupe SOMR, we firmly believe indoor farming is the future of agriculture in Quebec. We invest in research and development of new techniques and technologies to enhance the productivity and sustainability of this practice.


✨In conclusion, indoor farming is a growing trend in Quebec. It offers numerous benefits, both economically and environmentally. At Groupe SOMR, we consider this a priority and are committed to supporting and promoting this practice.

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