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How to maximize your indoor cannabis production? 🪴

Sep 27, 2022 | Advice, Advice, Uncategorized

Prisma is proud to have participated in Quebec’s largest cannabis industry trade show. The legal landscape for cannabis is evolving rapidly, and Canada is at the forefront of this industry. 🪴

With the recent legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis and the new medical market continuing to grow, companies are increasingly keen to navigate this new market.

The Expo Cannabis de Montréal is an important event for anyone working in the cannabis industry or wishing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this emerging industry.

With over 100 exhibitors in 2022, the Expo offers something for everyone, from small business owners to investors.

Participants had the opportunity to meet other professionals and opinion leaders, engage in constructive conversations and build relationships with people in the field. 🤓

The Expo is an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of current trends and find new suppliers and partners. It’s a must-attend event for anyone who wants to thrive in the booming cannabis sector!

The Expo Cannabis de Montréal was an excellent opportunity for us to present our products and services to a wide range of people in the field. 😇

We were delighted to meet so many people passionate about the cannabis industry and looking for quality storage solutions for indoor farming.

If you don’t know, our GREENRAK shelving system for indoor vertical farming is an adaptation of our current storage systems to enable their integration into emerging environments such as vertical farming or indoor.

Using the GREENRAK System means entering a new era and defining a new way of producing. 🚜

Use it to grow a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, herbs and, of course, cannabis !

We are confident that we can provide the highest level of service and support to our customers, and we look forward to continuing to grow our business with cannabis growers in Quebec.

When and how to start growing cannabis seeds?

If you’re interested in cannabis cultivation, there are a few things you need to know before you get started. First of all, it’s important to set up a good storage system. This will help you keep track of your plants and make sure they stay healthy.

At SOMR Group, we have systems for indoor cannabis cultivation, GREENRAK, a high-density, multi-level mobile system designed to maximize the yield of your plant cultivation.

The GREENRAK system allows you to grow more, produce more and maximize your profits by optimizing your available growing space.

You’ll also need to choose a well-ventilated, well-lit grow room to ensure that your plants get the hours of light they need to grow. Once you’ve set up your grow room, you can start planting seeds or clones.

Be sure to water your plants regularly and fertilize them if necessary. With proper care, your cannabis plants should thrive. Growing cannabis can be a fun and rewarding experience, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

What is the right humidity level for growing cannabis?

The ideal humidity level for growing cannabis depends on the plant’s growth phase.

At the germination stage, humidity should be high, around 90 to 100%.

As the plant grows, humidity can be reduced to around 40-60% during the vegetative growth phase, then to around 40-50% during the flowering phase.

It’s important to maintain the right humidity level, as too high a humidity level can cause mold and fungi that can damage or destroy the plant, while too low a humidity level can result in yellow leaves and brittle stems.

We recommend using a hygrometer to measure air humidity to ensure that levels are appropriate.

It should also be noted that it may be necessary to use humidity control systems to maintain appropriate levels.

Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity or a humidifier to increase it.

What kind of ventilation is needed to grow cannabis?

When growing cannabis, it’s important to have good ventilation to maintain the right level of humidity and avoid the formation of mold and mildew.

There are different types of ventilation systems that can be used for indoor cannabis cultivation.

One of the most commonly used systems is an air intake/extraction system.

This system consists of extracting stale air from the growing space using an exhaust fan, then bringing fresh air into the room using an air intake fan.

Extracted air is often filtered to remove odours and particles before being discharged to the outside.

Another commonly used system is a closed-loop system, which involves creating a closed air circuit in the grow room.

This means there’s no outside air renewal, but the air is recycled inside, usually using activated carbon filters to remove odors.

There are also hybrid ventilation systems that combine the two above-mentioned types, bringing fresh air into the room while extracting stale air.

Finally, it’s important to note that whatever system is chosen, it’s essential to ensure that air circulation is efficient to avoid the formation of stagnant air zones.

What type of soil is best for growing cannabis?

There are different types of potting soil that can be used to grow cannabis, each with different advantages and disadvantages.

High-quality potting soil for cannabis cultivation should be rich in nutrients, drain well and have a light structure to allow air and water to circulate freely.

Peat-based potting soils are popular because they are light, drain well and contain natural nutrients.

However, they can dry out quickly, so care must be taken when watering them.

Coir-based potting soils are also very popular with professional growers, as they are very light, naturally mildew-resistant and drain well.

However, they can be more expensive and require a fertilization adjustment for cannabis plants.

There are potting soils that are specifically made for cannabis cultivation, and they are often richer in nutrients and have the right fertilization for cannabis cultivation.

However, they can also be more expensive than other options.

Finally, you can also create your own potting soil by mixing different types of substrate, such as peat moss, compost, vermiculite, perlite and so on.

However, this requires more time and knowledge to obtain a balanced composition suitable for cannabis cultivation.

It’s important to note that the best results are obtained with substrates adapted to each stage of plant growth, so it’s best to consult the manufacturers’ indicators and recommendations.

When is the best time to harvest seedlings?

To harvest cannabis plants, it’s generally advisable to do so when the buds are rich in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), one of the plant’s main psychoactive molecules.

Cannabis buds also contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, which have different effects and can influence the taste and aroma of the flowers.

There are several methods for determining when to harvest cannabis plants, but one of the most commonly used is to examine the appearance of the buds.

In general, buds are ready to harvest when most of the stigmas (or “pistil stalks”) have curled up and turned a dark orange.

It should be added that the classic method is to check the maturity of the resin glands, which is the most reliable.

Using a binocular magnifying glass, check that the majority of glands have turned red/orange.

If this is the case, harvesting is optimal to obtain the best THC content.

It’s also important to note that harvesting requirements can vary depending on the desired use of the plant.

If you want a more “CBD” plant, it’s best to harvest a little earlier, whereas if you want a more intense “high” it would be better to let the plant mature a little longer.

It’s important to note that cannabis cultivation remains illegal in many countries, so it’s important to be aware of the laws in your area before growing this plant.

How to become a cannabis grower in Canada: learn how to grow cannabis?

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and there’s a lot of money to be made for those who are able to produce high-quality cannabis.

If you’re considering becoming a cannabis producer, there are several things you need to know. First, you must obtain a license from your state government.

Next, you’ll need to find a suitable location for your grow operation. Once you’ve obtained the necessary permits and approvals, you’ll be ready to start growing cannabis.

To maximize your chances of success, it’s important to learn as much as you can about growing cannabis.

You’ll need to choose the right cannabis variety for your climate and soil type, and you’ll also need to optimize your growing space/environment to ensure the growth of your plants.

With hard work and dedication, you can become a successful cannabis producer.

Is it legal to grow cannabis plants at home in Quebec without a permit?

In Quebec, the cultivation of cannabis plants is still a highly legal issue.

The aim of the recent Cannabis Act was to make the recreational use and cultivation of marijuana more widely accepted in Canada.

But that doesn’t mean that all forms of cannabis cultivation are legal everywhere, and especially not in Quebec.

Until now, a valid permit was required to grow this plant in Quebec.

While this allows some people to legally grow cannabis in Quebec, the activity remains highly regulated and very limited in scope.

The different types of cannabis

There are two main varieties of cannabis: cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.

These two varieties of cannabis have distinct effects on the body and mind, and are used in different ways.

Cannabis sativa is generally associated with stimulating and energizing effects.

Cannabis sativa varieties generally contain high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the plant’s main psychoactive cannabinoid.

People who use cannabis sativa may experience an increase in creativity, motivation and mental energy.

It’s often consumed in the evening, to awaken creativity and dance.

It is also often used to treat mood disorders, depressive disorders, mental fatigue and attention disorders.

Cannabis indica, on the other hand, is associated with sedative and relaxing effects.

Indica cannabis varieties generally contain high levels of CBD (cannabidiol), which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

People who use cannabis indica may experience reduced pain, decreased anxiety and increased muscle relaxation.

It is often used to treat insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and to help relax at the end of the day.

There is also a variety called hybrids, which are a mixture of sativa and indica.

They can combine the properties of these two types of cannabis varieties to offer balanced or targeted effects.

It’s important to note that the effects of cannabis can vary considerably depending on the particular strain, the method of consumption and the user’s state of mind.

So it’s important to proceed with caution and determine which cannabis variety best suits your needs before using it.

Why should we consider our systems for growing cannabis?

Our systems will give you total control over the quality of your cannabis production. Our specialists will demonstrate the effectiveness of GREENRAK, which is designed to integrate elements such as lighting, temperature, humidity (water particles) and air quality.

By opting for vertical farming, the system will enable you to replicate your cannabis strain more efficiently and productively, making the most of your space.

The GREENRAK mobile indoor cannabis cultivation system will free up space for cultivation operations and avoid new construction.

Our System is fully customizable, designed with aluminum rails and durable, eco-friendly plastic wheels that are easy to clean and won’t rust.

We work in collaboration with all the parties involved in your project, from ventilation to irrigation. This will allow you to have a project that can meet Health Canada standards for cannabis cultivation.

Whatever the growing context, our system is adapted to all your needs, whether for your research center, cloning environment, growth or flowering room, dryer or dispensary.

Grow your cannabis in a controlled environment, in our durable and adaptable ergonomic racks, mobile trays, carts, screens, panels and drying racks, which will maximize your cannabis production per cubic foot and increase your revenues.

What are the advantages of growing cannabis indoors compared to growing it outdoors in pot?

In recent years, cannabis cultivation has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. As more and more states legalize the use of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, more and more people are interested in growing their own plants.

Indoor growing offers a number of advantages over outdoor growing, including better control of the growing environment and increased safety.

By carefully controlling temperature, humidity (water particles) and ventilation, indoor growers can produce large quantities of high-quality cannabis.

What’s more, since indoor cultivation is not subject to the vagaries of the weather, it can be operational all year round! 😉

In addition to yield and quality, security is another important consideration for cannabis growers. Indoor operations are much less likely to be discovered by unwanted visitors, which can save growers a lot of time and money.

All in all, indoor cannabis cultivation offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive option for both commercial and home growers!

Do you have a project for indoor greenhouse farming?  Contact us today! We’ve got something for you!

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