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Improve the productivity of your pet store with storage 🐶

Jun 27, 2023 | Advice

You are the owner of a pet store and you feel like your store is not running as smoothly as it should?

Do you spend your time searching for products and supplies in a pile of scattered boxes and bags everywhere?

You are not alone! 🥵

Storage is a common problem in many pet stores, but fortunately, there are solutions.

With effective organization, you can improve the productivity of your pet store and provide a better customer experience.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to organize your pet store like a pro and show you how storage can be your secret ally for a successful pet store. ✨

So, are you ready to discover how storage can be the key to your success? Let’s get started!

The benefits of having a well-organized pet store

Having a well-organized pet store offers many benefits for owners and customers. 
Here are some of the advantages of a well-organized pet store:
Here are some examples of storage furniture for a well-organized pet store. 😌

Fixed or Mobile Industrial Shelves

In your future projects, space will be a significant concern.
Fixed or mobile industrial shelves can be very useful in a pet store for organizing pet products, accessories, and supplies.

Fixed shelves are perfect for long-term storage, while mobile shelves can be moved to facilitate cleaning and rearranging the sales area.

Not to mention that they allow you to expand your store from the inside during larger storages.

Specifically, industrial shelves can be used to store pet food, toys, pet care products, and equipment. 🐈‍⬛

By using industrial shelves, pet store owners can create an organized and efficient storage space for pet products, supplies, and equipment.

The shelves can accommodate all the baskets, they are very versatile.


Lockers are practical and versatile storage elements for a pet store. 
They are often used to store small items such as pet toys, collars, leashes, brushes, and combs. 🧸
Lockers can be stacked to save space and are available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various storage needs.

By using lockers, pet store owners can create an organized and efficient storage space for pet accessories, supplies, and small equipment.

Baskets and Storage Boxes

Baskets and storage boxes are very useful in a pet store for storing and organizing pet accessories, supplies, and bulk items such as pet toys and treats. 🐕‍🦺
Baskets and storage boxes are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of products.

They can also be stacked to save storage space, and their use facilitates product retrieval.

Pet store owners can use them to create an organized and convenient storage space for bulk products, supplies, and pet accessories.

Display Furniture

Display furniture is very useful in a pet store to attract customers’ attention to pet products and help them easily find what they’re looking for. 🔍
Display furniture includes showcases, product displays, display stands, and specialized shelves for pet care products.

They are often placed in strategic locations to maximize their impact on customers.

If you have storage projects for your pet store, feel free to contact our storage specialists at Groupe SOMR. 🐠

We can help you design an efficient and organized storage space for your pet products, accessories, and supplies, to provide a positive customer experience and efficient inventory management.

Don’t wait to learn more about our storage services! 😀

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