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How to store your paintings in an art gallery or museum? 🎨

Sep 20, 2022 | Commercial

When it comes to storing paintings in an art gallery or museum, there’s something you need to keep in mind. 🖼 Museums and art galleries have a responsibility to protect the paintings in their care. This means ensuring that paintings are stored correctly, using climate-controlled storage solutions that prevent damage from humidity, pests and other environmental factors.  Our art storage solutions can help you achieve your preservation objectives while keeping works of art accessible to visitors.😇 Our art storage solutions can help you achieve your preservation goals while keeping works accessible to visitors.How do you store paintings in an art gallery or museum? It’s a question many people don’t necessarily think about, but it’s important to understand the best way to store paintings in order to preserve them for years to come.  In this blog post, we’ll answer your questions. Protect the works of art in your museum or art gallery as you read on!  

How does the public benefit from the storage of paintings in museums and art galleries?

Paintings aren’t just pretty pictures. They can be historical documents, giving us a glimpse into past cultures and societies.  For these reasons, paintings play an important role in our public institutions, such as museums and art galleries.  By storing paintings here, we ensure that they are preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn from.  What’s more, by making the paintings available to the public, we enable everyone to discover the power and beauty of art.  Whether admiring the work of a master painter or exploring the history of our world, the paintings in our museums and galleries enrich our lives in countless ways.  

How important are shelving units to the overall aesthetic of a museum or art gallery?

Shelves are often one of the first things people notice when they enter a museum or art gallery.  Although it may seem like a small detail, shelving plays an important role in the overall aesthetics of these spaces.  For example, if a museum displays objects from different cultures, shelving can be used to create a sense of separation between different areas.  Similarly, in an art gallery, shelves can be used to showcase different artists or periods.  In addition to their visual impact, shelving also influences the way people move around a space.  By carefully planning shelf placement, museums and galleries can control traffic flow and ensure that visitors have a positive experience.  Ultimately, shelving is a key element in the design of any museum or art gallery. 👩🏼‍🎨  

How to ensure that paints are properly stored and preserved? 

When it comes to paint storage, there are a few things you need to bear in mind to make sure your paints stay fresh and bright.  First of all, always store your paints in a cool, dry place – excessive heat or humidity can cause paint to curl or become brittle.  Otherwise, try to keep your paints away from direct sunlight, which can cause colors to fade over time.  By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your paints will be properly stored and ready to use whenever you need them.  

How do you care for paintings stored in an art gallery? 

Art galleries are places where people can go to appreciate the beauty of paintings and other works of art.  However, these paints are also susceptible to damage from dirt, dust and other environmental factors.  It is therefore important that gallery owners and staff take good care of the paintings entrusted to them. Some simple measures can be taken to clean and protect paintings stored in an art gallery.  First of all, paintings need to be dusted regularly with a soft cloth.  Next, the gallery must be kept at a constant temperature and humidity level to prevent the paint from cracking.  Paintings must also be protected from direct sunlight to prevent fading or damage.  inally, it’s best to store pictures vertically or side by side on a shelf. The SOMR Group offers you the modular storage system ModulArt™ allows you to store your artwork without damaging it! It features a self-supporting structure with pre-assembled, self-contained panels on wheels. Pre-assembled panels on wheels make installation quick and easy. By taking these simple steps, art galleries can help ensure that their paintings will be appreciated by generations to come.  

Are there particular types of shelving best suited to museums and art galleries?

When most people think of museum shelving, they imagine long rows of identical shelves, filled with neatly arranged objects.  However, the type of shelving used in museums and art galleries can vary considerably, depending on the needs of the collection.  For example, some collections may require temperature-controlled storage, while others need to be highly secure.  Consequently, there is no single solution for museum shelving. On the contrary, each institution must carefully choose the shelving that best suits its needs. The modular storage system for museum tables and storage ModulArt™ is suitable for collections of paintings and framed artworks as well as a whole range of miscellaneous objects. If you’re short of space, you’ll be pleased to know that our products enable you to store a large number of items in a limited space. So you can de-clutter your space while preserving the integrity of your artwork. The ModulArt™ modular storage system allows you to keep a large number of items in a limited space, and to expand the storage system as your needs change.  

What are the factors to consider when buying shelving for a museum or art gallery?

When it comes to buying shelving for a museum or art gallery, there are several factors to consider.  First of all, you need to consider the type of items that will be stored on the shelves. If you’re planning to display delicate items, you’ll need to make sure that the shelves are strong enough to support them.  Similarly, if you’re storing heavy objects, you need to make sure that the shelves can support their weight. You also need to take into account the space you have available.  Shelves that are too high or too wide can quickly overwhelm a small space, so it’s important to choose shelves that fit comfortably into the room. Finally, you’ll need to think about the overall aesthetics of the shelves.  Our shelves are available in a variety of materials and styles, so it’s important to choose something that complements the existing decor of the space.  By taking all these factors into consideration, you can be sure of choosing shelving that meets all your needs. So there are many different factors to consider when it comes to storing and preserving paintings for future generations. 🖌 Fortunately, our team of experts at SOMR Group has the experience and expertise to create a customized storage solution to meet your specific needs.  Whatever the size of your collection, we’ll find the right solution to maximize your square footage.  

Contact us today to find out more about our storage solutions for museums, art galleries and how we can help you preserve your works for years to come. 🙌🏻

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