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Equip without spending for your modular storage system

Apr 9, 2021 | Advice

Enjoy a made-to measure storage system without the financial hassle: that’s what leasing offers. Simply put, leasing is a rental with or without an option to buy. A financing company acquires the storage system you want and then rents it to you in exchange for monthly payments that you set together. For example, the monthly payments for a $25,000 storage system can be as low as $500, depending on the terms agreed upon between you and the broker. Terms that, as explained below, are not fixed. This is an opportunity to equip your company with the storage system best suited to its needs while benefitting from financial advantages. Equip yourself now Leasing is an easy solution that allows you to modernize your equipment, better equip yourself, or facilitate the start-up of your business by giving you quick access to the equipment of your dreams. Your new system will be installed and ready to use without making it necessary to take out a loan or dipping into your working capital. And you can always purchase your equipment at the end of the contract.

A negotiable contract Every aspect of the leasing contract is negotiable, both at the time of signing and throughout the course of the contract. Periodicity, rents, everything can be adapted to the reality of your company and its ability to pay. Preserve your borrowing capacity A new storage system is a major expense for a business…  unless you lease! Lease payments are expenses, not debts, and do not require a down payment. Your balance sheet is not affected, and you keep your capital, which you can invest in other growth opportunities. Low and flexible payments Because the leasing contract can be perfectly adapted to your needs, it is possible to adjust the lease payments according to the reality of your business, such as the seasonality of your operations. Also, if your business is going through a difficult period, payments can be spaced out or delayed to let you catch your breath.

Tax deductible Since your new storage system is necessary for the operation of your business, the rent is an operating expense and therefore deductible from your business income. Quick service Prisma Storage Solutions works with the best financial groups to provide you with the best storage system. Within 24 hours, a representative will receive your request and contact you to determine your company’s financial situation and the most advantageous financing terms. Contact one of our representatives today, and take your business to the next level.

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