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Discover SOMR Group: A committed Quebec company 🏆

Oct 26, 2023 | News

Discover Groupe SOMR and welcome to our universe!

Explore how this innovative Quebec-based company shares its story, community engagement, and its quest for storage improvements, simplifying the lives of our customers and contributing to the flourishing of our beautiful province. ✨

Who Are We?

Groupe SOMR, born from a collaborative merger, embodies local shopping, community engagement, and expertise in storage, with local partners for exceptional quality. 🙌

A Unique Insight into Our Specialization

SOMR excels in storage solutions, optimizing productivity, saving time and money for an enhanced daily life. 🎯

groupe somr

Our Event Presence: SOMR’s Active Engagement

Rooted in Quebec, we promote products, engage with the community, and share innovative storage at trade shows, exhibitions, and cultural events. 💼

In this section, discover some examples of exhibitions we have participated in or will be participating in soon. 👇

Cannabis Expo

Groupe SOMR was honored to participate in the Cannabis Expo on September 13 and 14.

This event brought together experts, including our storage team. Additionally, we unveiled GREENRAK shelves, an innovative adaptation for indoor cannabis cultivation from our vertical farming systems.

Furthermore, our team at booth 313 showcased our cannabis storage system at the Cannabis Expo, perfect for staying updated on trends and meeting new partners in a rapidly expanding industry.

Quebec Green Expo

Explore the future of indoor plant agriculture at the Quebec Green Expo on November 1, 2, and 3 at Espace Saint-Hyacinthe.

At Groupe SOMR, our passion lies in year-round self-sufficiency for businesses through indoor plant cultivation.

Join us at the Quebec Green Expo to discover our innovative products, explore indoor plant agriculture trends, and form partnerships.

Groupe SOMR : Nurturing Youth Hope

Groupe SOMR, as a Quebec-based company, places great importance on actively engaging with youth. 🌈
We invest in initiatives to promote education, professional growth, and the development of young Quebecers.

Get ready to discover some of our involvements right here. 👇

groupe somr

🤝 Coupe Canada Sherbrooke – Dalbix

Groupe SOMR, believing in the potential of youth, was proud to support the Dalbix Canada Cup on July 8 and 9 in Sherbrooke.
As proof of our commitment to supporting youth success, this sports competition perfectly reflects our values. 🚲
By supporting the Dalbix Canada Cup, we fostered youth development while encouraging healthy competition. 

groupe somr

🤝 Jade Wilson – Karting

Groupe SOMR is proud to support Jade Wilson, a talented 14-year-old karting driver from Trois-Rivières. 

She currently ranks first in Canada in her category and will represent the country at the World Championship in Belgium this summer, a remarkable achievement. 🏎️

Jade Wilson will finish her junior season this summer, preparing for the transition to seniors and the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix with her friend Maïka Chamberland, before representing Canada at the SWS Junior World Championship in Belgium in 2024.

She is an inspiration, and we are honored to support her.

groupe somr

Team Up with Us! 

This article sheds light on our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community. ✨

At Groupe SOMR, we are passionate about creating efficient storage solutions that transform spaces. 
To optimize your professional or educational environment, we are here for you.

Feel free to contact us or follow us on Facebook to discuss your specific needs. 📱

Together, we can create customized solutions that meet your expectations and enhance your daily life.

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