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The art of presentation: Exhibition furniture for museums 🏛️

Aug 25, 2023 | Advice

Museums, guardians of culture and history, hold within their walls unique and fascinating treasures. 

To allow the public to discover and fully appreciate them, the art of presenting collections is essential. ☝️

This is where exhibition furniture comes into play, providing a carefully designed backdrop to showcase works of art and historical artifacts. 

From the choice of supports to sophisticated lighting systems and interactive solutions, every element of exhibition furniture is designed to create an immersive and captivating experience. 

In this article, we will explore the importance of exhibition furniture in museums, examining how it contributes to creating aesthetic, functional, and educational spaces. ✨

Get ready to dive into the world of presentation art, where furniture becomes a key player in telling stories, evoking emotions, and connecting visitors with cultural heritage. 


What are the main objectives of exhibition furniture in a museum context?


Exhibition furniture plays a crucial role in a museum context by pursuing several key objectives. 


👉 First and foremost, it aims to highlight the exhibited objects by providing suitable support for presenting them aesthetically and attractively. 

Furniture is designed to create a framework that emphasizes the importance and beauty of works of art or historical artifacts.


👉 Another objective of exhibition furniture is to facilitate visitor accessibility and understanding. 


👉 It is designed to allow an interactive experience by providing clear and relevant information about the exhibited objects. 

Furniture may include interpretation aids such as explanatory panels, multimedia devices, or interactive screens, thus facilitating audience engagement and learning.


👉 Additionally, exhibition furniture must ensure the preservation and protection of objects. It must meet conservation standards for humidity control, temperature control, security, and the handling of exhibited pieces. 

Furniture is therefore designed to provide adequate protection while allowing safe observation of the objects.


In summary, the main objectives of exhibition furniture in a museum context are to highlight exhibited objects, facilitate visitor accessibility and understanding, as well as preserve and protect works of art and historical artifacts.

museum exhibition furniture


How does exhibition furniture influence the visitor experience in museums?


Exhibition furniture has a significant influence on the visitor experience in museums. 


👉 Firstly, it contributes to creating an immersive and captivating atmosphere. 

By using aesthetic supports, furniture brings exhibited objects to life and creates a visually appealing environment. 

It allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of art and history, fostering an emotional connection with the works.


👉 Furthermore, exhibition furniture plays a crucial role in organizing and structuring the museum space. 

It guides visitors through different sections of the exhibition, creating a seamless and intuitive narrative. 

Furniture can also help emphasize the significance of key pieces and highlight meaningful details.


👉 Additionally, exhibition furniture enables enriching interaction with exhibited objects. 

It provides suitable supports for viewing works from different angles, examining details and textures, and sometimes even touching certain materials. 

This allows visitors to develop a deeper understanding and increased appreciation of the objects.


In summary, exhibition furniture influences the visitor experience by creating an immersive atmosphere, guiding the visit, and promoting interaction with the works. 

It contributes to making the museum visit more enriching, engaging, and memorable for the public. ✨


Our exhibition furniture proposals to enhance your museum


Discover our carefully selected exhibition furniture proposals to bring elegance, functionality, and innovation to your museum. 

Whether you want to showcase paintings, sculptures, or historical objects, our selection will meet your specific needs and elevate your collections to offer an unforgettable experience to visitors. 👇


💡 SmartShelf Shelves


SmartShelf shelves represent an innovative proposal for museums. 

Thanks to their ingenious design, these shelves offer smart presentation of exhibited objects. 

They are designed to subtly and aesthetically showcase pieces, creating an attractive stage. 

SmartShelf shelves are also adaptable, allowing for a customized configuration to accommodate different types of objects. 

With these shelves, museums can create harmonious and functional exhibition spaces, providing visitors with an immersive experience. 

SmartShelf shelves are an elegant and practical solution for highlighting collections, adding sophistication to the museum environment.


💡 Fixed 4D Shelves


Fixed 4D shelves are a versatile proposal for museums. 

Thanks to their ingenious design, these shelves maximize exhibition space by offering multi-level presentation. 

The shelves are adjustable in height and can be configured to create dynamic visual scenarios. 

Additionally, they offer great stability and optimal security for exhibited objects. 

Fixed 4D shelves allow for an attractive presentation of collections, emphasizing the diversity of objects and offering visitors a multidimensional perspective. 

Whether for permanent or temporary exhibitions, these shelves are a practical and aesthetic choice to enhance the visitor experience in your museum.


💡 Mobile Mobilex Shelving System


The Mobilex mobile shelving system is a practical and flexible proposal for museums. 

This system offers the ability to easily reconfigure exhibition space by moving shelves as needed. 

The shelves feature robust wheels for smooth and effortless movement, providing great adaptability for temporary exhibitions or frequent rearrangements. 

Furthermore, the Mobilex system offers stability when locked in place, ensuring the security of exhibited objects. 

With this mobile shelving system, museums can optimize their space and create dynamic presentations based on themes, periods, or collections. 

Visitors can thus experience something new with each visit, discovering the museum’s treasures in a continually fresh and captivating way.

museum exhibition furniture


💡 Art Rack Mobile System


The Art Rack mobile system is an ideal proposal for storing and presenting artworks in museums. 

This system offers a practical and secure solution for storing works in specially designed supports. 

The racks feature sliding rails and locking mechanisms, making it easy to move works from one location to another while ensuring their protection during transport. 

Additionally, adjustable shelves allow for optimizing storage space according to the dimensions and specific needs of each artwork. 

Thanks to the Art Rack mobile system, museums can efficiently organize their collection, facilitate exhibition changes, and ensure the long-term preservation of artworks.


💡 ModulArt System


The ModulArt system is an innovative proposal for museums. 

It offers a modular and versatile solution for creating flexible and evolving exhibition spaces. 

This system consists of prefabricated modules that can be assembled in various ways to meet the specific needs of each exhibition. 

The modules are designed to be versatile, allowing for unique configurations based on the objects to be exhibited, space constraints, and artistic choices. 

Additionally, the ModulArt system is easy to install and disassemble, providing great flexibility for temporary or traveling exhibitions. 

With this system, museums can rethink their exhibition space based on collections and themes, offering visitors a dynamic and immersive experience. 

ModulArt represents a modern and personalized approach to museum scenography, allowing for the creation of unique and captivating environments.


Whether you are looking for innovative shelves, modular systems, or custom solutions, the Groupe SOMR team is ready to collaborate with you to create exceptional exhibition spaces. 

Contact us today to transform your museum into a captivating place, showcasing your cultural heritage in an aesthetic and functional manner. 📱

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