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Configurable fixed shelving system for Aetnastak® bookcases

Nov 3, 2022 | Fixed shelving storage systems

The elegant, configurable fixed shelving system for bookcases Aetnastak® is designed primarily for libraries and documentation centers. It can be extended, reconfigured and relocated to suit your needs, and offers a wider range of accessories and practical features than any other cantilever shelving system. D What’s more, this type of configurable fixed shelving provides the flexibility, strength and rigidity needed to protect books and ensure their longevity.
As a fixed racking system, Aetnastak® can be installed on the carts of certain manufacturers mobile shelving systems like the Mobilex or SafeAisle, to make the most of your storage space, offering you unlimited possibilities.
The Aetnastak® configurable fixed shelving system is used by renowned establishments, who employ the system for crucial tasks such as storing rare, fragile and precious books.

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